Wednesday, 30 June 2010

regina sask

morning mediua
media launch
i think
hard to tell
quite liking regina
its on a grid but it feels friendly and
off the main drags
the streets are nice
its a small town and it feels it but yeah
we'll see
but yeah
this might be good
lovely friendly billet
jeff culbert and martin dockery will also be here in this house
leanne and nicole from caberlesque in previous tours are both here
leanne apparently very pregnant
sharon nowlan is on her way
there's that super-tall australian allan
and to stick out as tall on the fringe
where many folks are 6" 2'
you have to be very tall
taller than keir tall
like ...tall

plus we got a house in edmonton
priscilla's brother clinton took a look at one for us and said
take it
so we took it
so priscilla is right made up and i'm

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