Sunday, 13 June 2010

its started

killer night
everything fringe nights are meant to be
way different to the jetlaggy isolated early nights of late
rocking show
much better than yesterday
better than i thought it could be
and this is only show number 3
much much funnier than it
ever occurred to me it could be
so the audience love it to bits
there's at least two reviewers in
i make three big mistakes but kinda get away with them
and it rocks along
then, wired with post-show glee
i abandon all plans of an early night
and go for beers with geoff nancy and cat
and roll down st laurent to the great fun
thirteenth hour
the late night cabaret
which is a right laugh and where i
meet a whole bunch of folks and me
cat geoff and geoff's brother
newly arrived
ten hour drive
from the east coast

go to a stuffed Main on st laurent
meaning i have a rack of ribs in a
white container in the next room
and i wake at a thoroughly respectable 11.15
four hours later than normal
to begin a new day dominated by the show in
the very juicy timeslot of

here we go again

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