Friday, 18 June 2010

no weep for the slicked

trash mania
long mornings failing to sleep after late nights
two days left in this great city
the days have hurtled by... as ever
show is incomparably better than just last friday
best show yet last night
near sellout [small venue] and rocking upforit audience
it never occurred to me the show would be this funny
adding the odd new bit
listening to audience feedback
so a wandersome time in the now sunny now pouring city
great food all over
many folks to see
late nights
nosedive off the wagon
with more than enough shows about sex
and my favourite shows poison the well and chris gibbs
next stop england algeria
pretty much got to win
this is fri and i'm off 10 sun morn
no weep for the slicked
that means i 've
only one more night at the thirteenth hour
only one more burrito primavera
two more shows
one more stroll up the mountain
two more strawberry cheesecake ice creams
and not enough time for sleep
my old motto use to be
here we go

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