Monday, 6 September 2010

most telling review story...

or at least
the most telling
a certain international performer is doing a prairie city fringe
he's been there many times and this year he gets a three star review from the main broadsheet
and, as i've said before
three stars means curtains
its bad its ungood and it means few people will come
but, its a great review to read and doesn't make sense that its only three stars
however many people have had great reviews which were only three stars
e.g. "might just change the entire medium" THREE STARS
however such sad stories are sadly all too common on the tour
yet this performer inquires of the newspaper and they say
its a mistake
a typo
its meant to be five stars
we'll print a correction
which is all good
and a happy end
except on the day it comes out he bumps into a woman who says
hello ****, great to see you,
i've loved all your shows but i
won't be coming this year because you
only got three stars

which, if you think about it, means
though she's always enjoyed his shows
she still won't come
because, one can only deduce,
she trusts the newspaper's judgement more than she trusts her own?

or am i reading this wrong
there may of course be a separate issue that she and others feel a humiliation of some sort of standing in line for a supposedly substandard show
and conversely a triumph in standing in line for a five star show
but i wouldn't like to say
and its only just occurred to me
yes, am i right in this inference?
the only explanation is that she

trusts the newspaper's judgement more than she trusts her own?

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