Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The Wrong Dance

one of my favourite cities
lovely billet on alder and 6th
very near granville island
much nearer than ever before
lovely old couple reg and althea
both have kids called tony
fun trip from victoria with rob cristel amy and cami
a great boat ride
even in the ultra dismal grey of premature BCfall
amy lester ended up doing a wrong dance
for sins unmentionable...

have you ever heard of a WrongDance?
twas rob who introduced me to the notion
simply put if
in a relationship
or friendship
one person is incontrovertibly
and unarguably
wrong on something
the wrong holiday
the wrong car
the wrong restaurant film etc etc
then they have to do a wrong dance
which means they have to dance for ninety seconds while singing
not talking but singing
about why they are wrong
and dancing a dance which must involve the
gyrating of hips

[which if you've ever watched someone wrongdance
and i have
and did yesterday
is great fun for the watcher]

but the catch is that
after the wrongdance
the not-wrong person is
never allowed to mention it again
like ever
which means the whole event is behind you
what a great idea eh?
and super fun to watch


the fact i have never done one but have seen three
when i am a notoriously wrongful sinner of the first order
is of course very wrong
and priscilla is demanding that
when i next see her i
immediately do a wrongdance
for having never done a wrongdance

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