Sunday, 19 September 2010

one hell of a gang to say bye too

out exit stage walk canada rail airport plane airport lift home

cabaret was a killer
and twenty minutes after it finished i was tucked up in bed
yes, 20
i fled after a stiffupperlipped handshaking of all
and tried to get some serious sleep before the morn and my
6.45 alarm call from althea and reg
cos there's no point busting a gut to get there for your
girlfriend's 30th birthday
and then being a vegetable when you get there
is there?
killer moments from andrew bailey
the colonoscopy film
and chris gibbs and barry smith
the english style blues
i'm a hoochie coochie chap
and peter'n'chris
think it sold out
no idea how much money was made
and i have nothing to show for it
that it happened, that i did it, because it was my work
i was the director
the instigator
the man responsible
yet i have no
no running order
so it was bye to chris and ryan and bruce and andrew and martin and david and susan and amy and tara and melvin and francesca and david and elison and barry and john stewart and dan and claire and otto and astrid and peter'n'chris and katherine and daniel and yenomi and everyone ...
this is one hell of a gang to say bye too

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