Monday, 28 June 2010

best headline

new york daily post
after the Americans go out
that's the spirit

as for the daily mail
hitler's favourite paper, lest we forget
if the few had defended as badly as England we'd all be speaking German now
which is just pathetic

and it has to be said, that
what was the worst thing that could happen in this world cup?
limping into the last 16
to get thrashed by the germans
that is the worst thing that could happen
and what happened

the end
done feebly
hard work
lost money
show possibly got worse
though it and i got tougher
some nice audience
but all in all not good
did a fringe benefit which was great
me and rob in an hour show
though giving myself away for nothing when i've
effectively lost money
did feel overly generous of me
nice show and audience though
and it felt very easy to do
compared to the stress i put myself through
before and during the full hour fringe show
a breeze in fact
next stop regina
a few days off to tighten the nuts and bolts
and conduct some light surgery
the show came out of Montreal in rocking shape and it
only requires extensive thought to
get it back there

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