Thursday, 10 June 2010

hot white sauce ... and liberace chopin

never had a hot white sauce before
errr, fnaa fnaa
i wander into this caribbean restaurant off st laurent
cos the cheap chinese combo place
5 bucks for best chow mein and general tao ever
is shut
and its antillaise, so from the antilles
big chummy caribbean lady
and the chicken is great yet the salad has a
hot white sauce on it
what is that?
boy it was good
never had a hot white sauce before
and before that my mate steve sorts out the music for my show
and at one point its air supply
i'm all out of love
which seeing how i actually like the canadians
is a bit unfriendly
and then i find liberace doing chopin
and its fably bad
great stuff
montreal morning
a dismal english rain on the grid of streets
destroying my cheap photocopy posters
so i'll have to trawl around again

6pm yesterday
the big scramble too get posters up at the fringe park
parc des ameriques
st laurent and rachel
a hundred people battling to outdo each other in
i never get any better at wielding a roll of tape
i was lousy at art at school and i still look it
which, with the wind, means most of my posters look bloody terrible
so i go for a brace of beers with rob, dwayne morgan and cat kidd
a bevy of performance poets
not seen cat for 2 years
one of my very favourite human beings
today, try and take it easy while getting various minor stuff done
the usual run up to a fringe
first show tomorrow

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