Monday, 7 June 2010

montreal uber allez

one of my favourite cities on earth
been here every June since 2002
for the fringe
its a small fringe and its the best party of the lot
its a great party
a rocking party
there'll be a number of mates from all over the planet i haven't seen since last year
[see september]
and the late night cabaret
the Thirteenth Hour
run by Dan and Anders
is plain excellent
but it doesn't start until one ay em...
its Montreal
a great city for walking
if it ain't too hot
and, in the main, a very good-looking bunch of people
try standing on st laurent on a late friday evening watching all the very handsome couples go by
so the chief problem is that this is the first fringe of the long summer
the epic summer
and a great extended every-night late night party would not be top of my priorities right now
yet here it is
in two weeks time when my show is up running then fine
bring it on
but right now?
yet here it is
while in fact i want to
take it steady and
get into my first show which
despite all the hundreds of rehearsals
is still going to be rough
around the edges
at least
until i've done it a few times
and i'm gagging to
do it
gasping eager desperate mad to
do it
to get to my first audience
and start finding it out
in those ways only an audience can show you
if the tour was the other way round
and started in Vancouver and which is more chilled
and then ended up in Montreal
then all would be fine
but it doesn't
it opens amongst the din of one enormous goforit great fun bloody party
here we go
the great
nothing else quite like it on earth
one side of the continent to the other
here we go

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