Tuesday, 22 June 2010

new order singles

playing New Order Temptation on youtube
i remember seeing them do that song before it was ever a single
my old mate Andy
a Scouser who grew up going to the matinees at eric's
the legendary Liverpool punk club
who saw
everyone between the ages of 14-17
and who's succeeding life down in Bristol was undoubtedly a
great disappointment after all tha
well he was used to seeing bands do songs before they recorded them
and learning the song so he could sing it at school
before everyone else
so he got the lyrics and tune of Temptation
from that gig at Trinity Hall
and we were a happy gang of twenty year olds
running home singing it all the way
if you watch the famous clip of joy division doing She's Lost Control on Something Else
Andy is the first on the right

interestingly Andy had a copy of Ideal For Living Ep
the first joy Division single
[and not terribly good
compared to what was coming]
which he subsequently sold while skint to Steve Rocker
but where the band had all signed the photo next to their heads
yes signed the photo next to their heads
wonder how much that's worth?
i also remember the day Blue Monday came out
because every person i met that i knew that day was
carrying the same black and red bag containing a copy of Blue Monday
everyone i knew bought it
and only one shop was selling it the first day
Revolver records
so everyone had a Revolver Records bag at the end of their arm
i mean we knew for weeks the record was coming
and Temptation was a killer single
still their best, clearly
and the intense excitement of the next had been building and building
and just everyone bought it

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