Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Clydesdale 20


In Scotland three different banks issue bank notes

and the third bank’s, the Clydesdale

are well iffy

one time I was in Cyprus with a well unnecessary cashflow problem

and nowhere in the South would take them

they’d take one look at the funny colour, the mickey mouse crusader, and politely refuse

but in Northern Cyprus, the Turkish bit

they were absolutely desperate for foreign currency

what with hyperinflation and being a Mickey Mouse country themselves

only recognised by the Turks

so they were all too eager and I got

45 million lira for it

Yes 45000000

A bunch of notes

And they don’t have commas between the zeros

so you have to look hard to see if it’s a

10000000 or a


It’s the only time I’ve ever been a millionaire in any currency

Well, till I got to Lao and Vietnam last year

And the 45 million lira?

They only lasted me ninety minutes


That was three lunches and a coffee

Bloody hell
the million greens of English june
yesterday dismal in
and now here glorious
back into more rehearsal

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