Thursday, 24 June 2010


you mean an earthquake?
i mean an earthquake... in Ontario
but aren't we right in the middle of a tectonic plate?
we are... but... it was
and not a bad birthday
take it easy
too much walking in the hot stifling humidity
keeping out of the sun
flyer a bit
rocking show
just rocking
i was my best yet, and they were good
whereas the past two shows
they'd been good and i'd been
just soso
then rob buys me a steak bearnaise at the keg
with martin dockery and
megan from saskatoon
now a lawyer in London
i asked Martin to look out for certain aspects of my show and
tell me what he thought
and it was as i thought
hmmmm, a few things to sort
and then we go to jayson's no show
rob's on
filth is infallible
and we seem to have negotiated ourselves a show as a fringe fundraiser
double-hander me and rob
so he might have 3 shows that day
and stagger onto the black shire for a few before closing
as the entire fringe rabble dredges itself up on that shore...
a different meghan has got me a lemon meringue pie
which i hazily recalled being given on stage while the
Now Show audience sang happy birthday
dim recollection of these events
and which i wolfed down with a scotch in the black shire
before being carried home in a bucket
to wake late into murk, morn, and a whole entire single glorious yes
and who has a show during England Germany
o yes

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