Thursday, 26 August 2010

carver story

can you imagine a robert carver story in which a
couple are watching short cuts
the robert altman movie made up of
various robert carver short stories put together into one?
i can
and where one of the couple
the woman
spends the entire story asking
who is that?
what was she just in
and saying them excitedly
who is that?

wasn't he in?

and, at best,
whatever happened to marilyn stowe??
is he kissing her with a toothpick in his mouth?
was this julianne moore's first ever movie

and quoting andie mcdowell's worst lines
its raining?... i hadn't noticed
i can
o brother i can
cos everyone's in it
and a certain male was reduced to saying
nothing but things like
jennifer jason leigh
last of the mohicans

peter gallagher
margot at the wedding

that film with alan cumming

and, alot
i don't know
i can't remember
and, at best
its andie mcdowell, who cares?
i can
when lily tomlin came out as a lesbian
some people were actually shocked
like shocked
like wow
is heroic
great biodoc on carver by pbs on the short cuts dvd
inspiring and very interesting...
ugh the demon drink again...

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