Friday, 6 August 2010

latest night of summer

worst party in years
so we`re leaving about four
its hammered guys doing very little
plundering the be freer
some guy the whole time in a sleeping bag in the
middle of the living room floor
over-animated shouty hippy-grunge types
and i find my jacket and then
put it coat down and it ain`t there
so i wander round
its a harrington
very english
with the check lining
so i delay the folks i`m leaving with
and look for it
and look for it
and then look for it where it can`t be
out the back of the house
and there`s some guy wearing it
sitting there by himself in it
so i say
is that my jacket?
it is?
can i have it back?
so the iffy wally takes it off and gives it me
and we leave
that was the post-spoof night party
me and berkeley stait from the fringe hosted
an annual ttradition
where everybody spoofs everyone else
names are pulled from a hat three days before and no-one knows who's spoofing who
and it was not bad
great even
allan gridon
and dockery
and jayson/ meghan
did great spoofs
except it finished at 2.40
depositing me into the
early lunchtime kinda morning
with a
fagfilled beercan for a head

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