Tuesday, 24 August 2010

more bye than hi

and once more
the cycle of saying goodbye to those
i won't see again for a while
if ever
every year there's a few who go and are gone
never to be seen again
great people, you've spent alot of time with
and then
no more
and we're now six fests down, two to go
so the cycle of hi and bye is now more
bye than hi
so bye to cameryn moore
as in phone whore
a great strong woman i liked a lot
to annie lefevre
from the squatter heart
a muscular type
to dave dawson who drove me from winnip to sask
and sask to edmont
who i didn't even say bye to

to zak?
chris cantwell?

to alex eddington who's show i never even saw
to others
most will be in vict and vanc
but those are real names to say bye to
and p is saying BYE to almost everyone for she's
staying here to start school
and not enjoying all the BYEness
the no more chris bange
the etc
more bye than hi

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