Monday, 16 August 2010

no brain?

no brainer
three shows
two sellouts
busting an absolute gut to get a sold out sticker up on the boards
flyering like crazy
five six hours
super slick
the same old routine rattling slickly out three hundred times a day
honing honing honing the spiel
adding new comic lines
making them laugh and
slowly getting them in
show great
to do
am forty minutes in
completely exhausted
and then i get to the actual riot part of the story
and i think
o jesus no
o jesus here we goi
o jesus

peeping tom
not seen it for twenty years
what a marvelous film

priscilla says
i 'm depressed
the fringe is so mean and cruel
and i say
what do you mean, the reviews
and she says
and well its true
bad shows get good reviews
good shows get iffy reviews
a few people get what they deserve
and one show i know has an outrageous review
disgusting even
that makes me mad as hell
a crass piece of small-minded stupidity from a good journalist in a decent publication

but well
and it might sound cowardly but
i am in no position to go round slagging off media
who have the power of life and death over my show

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