Monday, 30 August 2010

its all gone a bit daphne du maurier

g has no cat
but feeds the crows
and the gulls...
so out on the wooden porch
its all gone a bit Daphne Du Maurier
so i'm trying to think of the
crows from Dumbo
but its all gone a bit Alfred Hitchcock
g says she has a slightly damaged seagull who visits
who does a quasi goosestep
so she calls him Siegheil
she says that
because she feeds them
they buzz her car
in kinda friendliness
so i'm thinking Dumbo rather than
the best translation of
Dante's Inferno I've read
was translated by Daphne Du Maurier
Align Righta woman of many parts, obviously

song of the morn is
each man kills the one he loves

by jeanne moreau on youtube
is that all there is
by peggy lee
first show good
i was ok
[adjusting to new space]
but audience were great
feels good
rob gee is absolutely sell-out 5star killing
so we'll see how i do

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