Monday, 9 August 2010

new pad

new pad
blimey its nice
bright new
very new
p has been buying stuff with her mum all week
since arriving last sunday
furnishing the rooms
buying stuff
and here we are
i have come home
very tired
kinda jaded
new bed
to a home i've never seen
nice drive from sask with dave dawson
and rachelle fordyce
got a message from bruce partington
who i wento school with
hi bruce
how's life?

bright sunny square green streets of my new home town
we won the cricket

so here i am
where i started this blog a year ago
a big fringe
tough in some ways
but with billions of audience
to go out and get
should reviews go poorly

i remember the first couple i flyered last year
they stopped moving as i spoke to them
they froze
and the man said very slowly
we are aware of your show jem
my first year here was hard
the tour was going great but this was sticky all round
i was an exceedingly full on english poet and it didn't feel they got it or me at all
at all
one show
the last saturday
when everyone else sold out
and my audience was chiefly composed of people who couldn't get in to everything else
blimey was it hideous
they made 10 per cent of the laughter and applause of any show on the tour that year
and i began to break half way through
at the end i didn't take a bow but simply ran
i bet i was 300 yards away before anyone else had left the building
i was discovered two hours later
wandering the streets
with a death mask rictus for a face
they didn't laugh... they didn't laugh...
and my second year i was trepidatious
was worried the whole westward way along the trail
and got here and people poured in in big numbers
and they were all like
we loved your show last year
and i was like
you know what
that is not what i remember
one of us wrong and you know what
its all of you
whatever, i had a great time
the audience caught onto me years before the reviewers did
and now i very much like this fringe
and respect it

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