Saturday, 7 August 2010

end of fring end thing

end of fringe
well i've done my last show
and i'm done
kinda knackered and pretty happy
with a new home waiting for me
6 hours westwards in edmonton
saskatoon worked out
word of mouth
and flyering
did me fine in the end
it built nicely towards
100-120 punters in a glorious show
less laughing, but more rapt
it was one of those spaces which are great for the performer
but poor for the audience
sightlines are lousy
and the room heated up with the week
so once again i was
a drop of water with a human being inside
once again
the human waterfall
once again
the shiny sheen descending to the stagefloor
so i recovered from the dent of the star phoenix review
and did fine
did well
had a chilled laugh
and even made some cash
haggeringly stammered
the boozer the blag the bullshit the blah
the blog the babble the blagging and the blur
jayson meghan martin elison allan erik
lisa bremner dave amy
dan claire josh sarah matt daniel carly
peter cooley john stewart
the folks the gang the army the team
last night bumped into chuck hamilton
good slam poet of this parish
who reviewed me for planet s online
the sask freebie
and gave me a great review which was only 3 and a half stars
so i got to tell a reviewer that
3 and a half stars don't butter no parsnips
in fact it tells people DON'T GO
as in
do not go
which he didn't know and
most of them don't
have enjoyed sask more than ever before
and tomorrow off to the new home
p is well excited by it
and here i go again on the ever westward chute

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