Wednesday, 16 December 2009

kalpetta nontime

the main trouble with most of these places is that... i'm there
i'm always arriving at the same time as myself
wouldn't it be nice if just a few times i got there just a bit after myself?
yes it would
just a bit of freedom
i might even be pleased to see myself
aaah the waterfall
aah the lookout south to the ghats, the misty the green and the ridges of peaks
aahhh the edakal caves, the 4000 plus years engraving in the cave walls
ahhh to the easy heat, nice after the cold of ooty
and biggest ahhh of all to the view north and west over the wayanad valley, the mist and the green and the ridges of peaks
and even an ahh to the traffic jam of people up and down the metal ladders up to the caves
but no ahhh to the sweltering mess of sulthan batheri, twice in two days
and no ahhh either to the wildlife sanctuary... famous for tigers and elephants... none seen... though we did see half a possibly giant squirrel and some spotted deer... and the whole place felt fake, in places the trees were all the same age... and at no point did i think we were going to see an elephant...
and no ahh, except maybe aghhh, to the small jeep banging about on the very bumpy roads banging my head again and again into the metal struts... with me yelping cursing groaning and yelping again in the sudden pain, the wholly avoidable pain
the kind of day which starts rosy and then gradually winds you down into non-ness
priscilla, smart girl, stayed in the state-run hotel room working on draft two
while i was unintrepidly unintrepid
nice folks though, the californian couple and the english philosopher fresh from china
in fact the talking to strangers was the best part of the day
does my fat look fat in this?

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