Friday, 11 December 2009

snooty ooty,

YWCA, Ooty

Well I’m not Y

I’m not W

I’m not C

And I’m not particularly A

But here we are, our own cottage, large, with desk, fireplace view etc

And they’re doing Xmas on Saturday, Dec 12… so, as I’ve been promising Priscilla an Xmas, we have to bloody go… I’m so nice she’s going to get two Christmases… while I’m going to sit there miserable and not sing

Cos its Ooty

7000 foot up in the Ghats

One time British hill-station, for Madras

Snooty ooty, in fact, as it was called under the Raj

Dorset on The Ghats, if you’ve never been to Dorset

More like a notsoshiteatall Kodaikanal

large boating lake

and huge disused racetrack in middle of town

And cold, frozen grass in the morning

No point coming here if you don’t trek or tour

which we will tomorrow

We reluctantly left Mysore

Which was the most easygoing of the large Indian cities I’ve been to

And very slow to start in the mornings… Most cities have a bustle from 7a.m. onwards …Whilst Mysore slowly and uncomplicatedly cranks into gear and busies up into the hyper-afternoon

And wound slowly up though thick green forests into the mountains on the Karnataka-Kerala-TamilNadu border

The past as solid

The present as liquid

The future as gas

And Princesczilla says

Most small American girls would really envy the Indian girls

Because they get to dress up like princesses and fairies every day

They get to wear lace and frills and sparkles and jewelry and bangles

American girls would love that

Movie experience

Film starts early

Row of saffron-robed Buddhist monks

Screaming infants

Ice cream turns to peculiar foamy cold stuff after two minutes

They turn off the film as soon as the credits start

But everyone has started leaving 20 seconds before that



Deafeningly loud

Top grade bollocks

The neutrinos are creating a new kind of particle

Highest body count of any film ever?

Great fun except for the cheesy family bollocks

Shame on John Cusack

Hurrah for Oliver Platt

And a bit relentless on the crashbangwallop CGI

That superbly OTT hour of CGI in the middle of King Kong might have been one of the best things ever, but 2012 got a mite repetitive

And some of the US has got so beat-themselves- up that, in the story, only the US wants to keep the otherwise-doomed masses out of the ark… every other country bar them wants the humane option of letting them in…and only the US is stopping it

Which is an interesting way of looking at themselves

Cos lets face it, the British the Russians the [?] Chinese the French, etc, all have no shortage of callous elitism

In a better thisworld Sascha, Gordon, Katya, the classic very expendable bitparters, would all get their own movie

Next stop Bollywood


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