Monday, 14 December 2009

the thoughts of chairman me

the proverb is wrong
you can fool some of the people all of thge time
but you can't fool all of the people some of the time
in a democracy
you need only fool enough of the people enough of the time
kalapetty, arrived after dark so unsure of it as yet
but hot
after the too cold, near freezing cold of ooty
absurd day of seven hours travelling to go little more than 80 km
gorgeous roads, epic views of mountains below, forests below, lumpy plains below
constant sharp corner after sharp corner
very helpful friendly people
took one look at sulthan batheri and jumped on the next bus west
the kind of scary nutter with bloodied bandage leering over us
priscilla has a draft to finish so we will stick here at least a day
i can renew my acquaintance with the indian coffee houses, a chain of cooperatives all over india but mainly in kerala... in fact my last trip to india was, as much as anything, a tour of the Indian Coffeee Houses of the great nation...s himla and trivandrum had the best
kerala has been chiefly communist since fifties

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