Thursday, 17 December 2009

not so much a hypochondriac as...

fascinated by all the symptoms

and the symptoms
a plethora
a panoply
a gang show
a variety show of
itches scratches bitbits and rashes
rawness soreness hoarseness and coarseness
tweaks twinges pains and aches
bites burns bumps and bangss
sniffles sneezes coughs and cuts
numbnesses sorenesses weaknesses zestlessnesses
its good for tourists to join in the local...
and i've not really been ill, bar a mild cold
and yet between us us we have so many...

and yet [uniquely?]
no runs only semi-constipation
yes, constipation
in india
... which is more of a non-event than a source of symptoms
...though certainly a source of amazement
its good to be different

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