Wednesday, 2 December 2009

naff day

gorgeous sun yesterday
hottest yet
except priscilla finished the first draft of her play
and was pretty damn pleased for five whole minutes before i came back from going online in palolem and had to tell her i saw the lottery results for the edmonton and toronto fringes and she's not in either of them
double strike out
big bummer
so its been a bit gloom and doom since then
and if she doesn't get into winnipeg she won't really have a tour
i'm first on the international witing list for toronto and on the waiting list for edmonton, where i'll probably use a BYOV anyway
so i'm probably fine
bummer for my sweetheart though
meanwhile we're off to mangalore
we have hired a crane to dig ourselves out of paradise and we're on the 3 oclock train south
its a shame to leave the nicest beach ever
but we have not been intrepid so far...and southern karnataka, mysore, temples, belur, madikeri, etc, do look bloody good indeed
and maybe we'll roll south from mysore over the ghats into kerala for christmas

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