Saturday, 12 December 2009


Sign says
“In all respects thread garden can be rated as the highest art creation of human effort that ever brought about successfully in the world’
So it’s a single tennis-court-size array of plants and flowers made from thread… 60 million meters of it… made by 50 women in twelve years
And it is of course lame… especially seeing its lit so poorly and the colours are fading
Another sign says…
“Far beyond human imagination wee proud to introduce thread garden as a world miracle in art creation. Once seen memory will not willingly let it pale… Tourists adore this millennium miracle.”
And what does this style of writing most spring to my mind?… my press releases every summer for my shows… as some of those unfortunates out there who have to read them every summer might agree
It is yet another inglorious folly giving further testament to the demented whims and enthusiasms of the human spirit
Which could be said of both my shows and the great ungrand Ooty Thread Garden
Though I can imagine the Simpsons coming here and finding it extra-feeble: but I can’t imagine them coming to my show… [booo… in a better world I could]
... must dash
its christmas tonight

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