Wednesday, 11 August 2010

albertan coupledom

brimming over with goodness
scudding flat whiteness
first day back at college, again
day one of the usual poster frenzy
day two to come
click of staplers, off-taste of tape
futterbingers twist tape
boards fences windows poles
folks not seen for a year
mark meer, thomas scott, sage
a very fleeting kevin gillese
quiet night in with la belle epoque
and boudu saved from drowning
both over-rated
wine sandwiches and yesterday's chinese
buddy's on 104th
enervating heat of the hot sun
comfy new bed
furniture bills
50 cent and
60s pop songs
vatloads of coffee
a new world to go for
engorged muscle
root beer floats
p taking me on tour of kitchen
all those things i never had
ice cream scoop
...for root-beer floats
a new life
in albertan coupledom

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