Thursday, 19 August 2010

one man waterfall [again]

show going great
the actual hour
most of my best shows of the year are in edmonton
at the b scene
despite its imperfections for the audience
and the absurd heat
and sweat sweat stickiness of the performer
sweat running up and down and curlicuing off his flailing drippy arm
one man rainbow
one man tropical rainstorm
as i've got older the sweat isn't as much as it was
some years it wouldn't be a drip off my nose
it would be a pour
but i am still the
drop of water with a human being inside
after all, the human waterfall
a sheen of fluid with a noticeable downward flow
and now that i move about more
i no longer have the
pool of liquid coming together at my
feet and running off towards the
o yes
its no big
its not clever
its no sanitary
and its not at all nice
one man drop in the ocean
but the venue is marvelous for the performer
because its a pressure cooker
the audience of 90 is very close
and its super easy to power the show to the audience
like nowhere else
to make the show explosive
to fuel and air to the perfect mix and then
... marvelous

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