Friday, 13 August 2010

The Big One

slow early days leading up to the start
of this
the big one
yesterday was the opening parade
always a laugh
even for the most unparadey of acts
where the best bet is to simply enjoy it
to blag and flyer stacks of people
and even shift some tickets
while the paradey acts
with casts
and costumes
move showily behind me
except i got surrounded by a horde of christian clowns and the cast of hair
yes an army of bloody hippies and a
gaggle of oxymoronic clowns
of inconceivable humorousness
and found a bilious bile rising from a deep gorge of a reservoir within me
found myself spitting
found myself approaching strangers
thrusting a flyer into their paw and growling
Never Trust A Bloody Hippy
found myself venomous
increasingly gleefully venomous
found myself without the spirit of the event
the opening party
followed by the free-for-all
where i was on for a five minute slice early
and gave my customary speech about the fringe tour
and how far we've all come to be here
and then did a short slice of the show
kinda bad
but who cares
twas all fun and here we are
its The Big One
should be good

as in wanderlust
my fave show of summer
gets a five from the journal
[unusual for a one-man show]
which means his tour
an unstoppable juggernaut of a success
is guaranteed an unclouded
the journal was the last hurdle to leap
and it could have stuffed him
it has stuffed many
but he's over and he's clear and its
plain sailing to the finishing line
the journal makes you or breaks you in this town
four and over makes you
three or under sinks you
especially if you're not a comedy
everyone else in sask got reviewed by the journal there
i didn't
but i've done well with them the past few years
so we'll see
and this fest is big
there is bundles bucketloads and billions of audience out there
and my best audience experiences of the past few years have all been in that/ this
small venue

so this could be
should be

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