Wednesday, 18 August 2010

nice moment

nice moment sitting in the cheap bar/ pizza joint
steel wheels
martin wanderlust
elison sputniks
david samurai and his wife
cos we're all happy
our shows are all doing well
when this young blond guy comes up and
congratulates me on my show
he saw it earlier
which is nice
so we're talking
and martin is a superfriendly guy
better than me at talking conversationally to punters
[rather than hustlingly]
and they chat a bit about the fringe
and then martin asks what the guy's going to see and he says
i'm really looking forward to wanderlust
and we point at martin and say
hey that's him
and the guy goes
and then we point at elison and say
she's from the sputniks
and the blond says
hey i've got a ticket
and they all chat a bit
and then we say
have you heard of the samuari show?
and the guy says
i've got as ticket for that too
and we all clap
cos he's got the full-set of everyone round the table
nice moment

autumnal already
the bright-behinded sitting grey above

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