Thursday, 5 August 2010


having a nice time in this town
streets to walk
shows to see
folks to meet
easy strolling easy thinking easy talking easy living
as nice a time as i've had in this town
fave shows of summer are still die rotenpunkte and wanderlust/ biketrip
here have thoroughly enjoyed death live
and one man show
goofy goofy fun from young very funny toronto guys
i like walking but sometimes i think
i'm not that good at it
i always forget to stop and sit down
and read
and think
i always keep going and
arrive a tad knackered from what
should have been
a relaxed ramble.
witness yesterday
off up the saskatchewan to see the pelicans and
walk over the railway bridge and
come back
with legache
for ...
another Daniel McIvor
Marion Bridge
which i liked alot
zipped by
some great lines
tonight is spoof night
and i am hosting
its going to be a long long night
starts at midnight
and my show is this aft at 2.30pm
edmonton reviewers still not been in
maybe they won't come
my last show was a killer so i wish they had
film of me on
you have to view it through internet explorer
its not bad
show doing ok
50 on thurs lunchtime isn`t bad
my time slots were horrible
but i`m never up against anyone strong
and it feels great
though physically murderous
also have realised i only have two months left of this blog
i said i`d finish after this year`s fringe tour
so i spose i will

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