Saturday, 28 August 2010

favourite fringe shows ever...

boy groove - chris craddock, jonny p, matt alden, andrew busey, aaron macri, etc
uber alice -
jonno katz'' first show... taught me a few extra meanings of freedom

the hiphop book of job
moving along
-chris craddock

the fringe show a love story
- ryan gladstone and bruce horak

- tj

and then it might be
straight from that side of town - catherine montgomery
teaching shakespeare -
keir cutler, first great fringe show i saw
totem figures -
& the bike trip - 2 martin dockeries
antoine feval
- chris gibbs
and then
wool -
alex eddington
cactus 2010 -
jonno katz
legoland - jacob richmond and those atomic vaudevillians from victoria
PS69 - susan jeremy
betrayal - pinter in toronto in 2008/7?
poison the well - andrew connor and elison zasko
and three great cabarets
the late lamented
rumoli brothers in toronto
13th hour in montreal
and our own tourer's cabaret
doctors caligari's
in winnipeg

will update this as thoughts strike

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