Sunday, 10 January 2010


the French enclave until 1954
at first it was unfamiliar
because unexpected
kinda hmm
what is this?
known and not known
but now i feel at home
because eventually i saw it for what it is
European gloom
something i know very well
ice-cream stalls in the heavy downpour
grey seas
unsold candyfloss
........its european gloom
for priscilla, of course, it was an unfamiliar
an unusual
an alien
but for me
comforting, even.............. good old style euro-mizz
and its a specific kind of european gloom
the out-of-season seaside town kind of European gloom
which is a species almost to itself
a perfected kind of gloom
i once went to a rain-swept scarborough in february
and this is more than reminiscent...
which, we are wondering is the most stupid
a goat a cow or a dog?
a goat we reckon
... especially after chindabaram bus station where the goats take shelter from the rain under the bus and sit there, even when the engines running and only reluctantly head off when the wheels start turning
and run straight under another bus, even though its actually moving
off tomorrow

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