Monday, 4 January 2010


so we're on the temple run across central tamil nadu
and i keep worrying about how to describe the temple gateways
they're high, four sided, a rectangle getting smaller at its gets higher... like consquareic wooden horses... into a highly ornate curved top, like a errr hair clasp but not ... with hundreds of, human sized and marvellously intricate, sometines painted, sometimes not, up all of the walls
and you know, that's not adequate
in fact its cumbersome,
and that was my fourth attempt
...but now i very handily find they're called
which i means i don't have to describe them i can just bandy the word...gopurams
which, seeing how there's eighteen of them in the smallish city, i certainly intend to do
wikipedia it if you want
though who originated the err, casually drop it into every line, Gopuram, i wouldn't like to say... we saw them in Cambodia, Lao [and maybe even Vietnam, though don't quote me]
so, coming soon
my decsription of the temple run
trichy, wow
tanjore again...
and now kumbakonam
all different
all gorgeous
... gopurams
... next stop chindabaram

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