Tuesday, 26 January 2010

with hindsight/ i'm shite

so priscilla is rereading midnight's children for the first time
and i'm thinking how my two favourite books of last year were
midnight's children
and i'm even more keenly thinking how i didn't like either the first time
cos if i didn't like either of two such fabulous books then
doesn't this mean my judgement was off?
well off?
horribly off?
and how do i know its still isn't horribly off?
what's the point of thinking when there's such a high likelhood of my thinking being rubbish
with hindsight/
i'm shite

good books are hard to come by
and i've just belted through john dickie's great book on the cosa nostra
and am belting through aravind aviga's white tiger
which is being killer and a great book to read here
so it looks like midnight's children again
plus its five hundred years since krishnadevaraya came to power here and they are having a giant festival to commemorate
there's at least five stages being built
the lights are looking good and it takes off tomorrow and explodes on the 27th
so its gonna be one joyous monster party
great stuff, we hope
and speaking of
with hindsight
i'm shite

i just reread the play i've been writing and got so excited about below
and, sadly, its nowhere near as good as i thought it was
nowhere near
the fact its quite appropriate to the piece
that i should get excited about it,
and then have my hopes/ expectations dashed
is, of course, scant consolation
of course
very scant
though its nothing fifty decent gags and some more good ideas can't sort out
mind you
isn't everything?
ㅑ누'ㅅ ㄷㅍㄷ교소ㅑㅜㅎ

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