Thursday, 12 August 2010

a pain in the neck

aside from my non-existent lower lip
which has been blown off by shouting
[see blog sept 09 below]
yes shouting
my chief vocational ouch is my neck
first ouched in 97
during Edinburgh
its a shoulder neck muscle thing
which feels like a complaining bone
but is really an inflamed muscle
and blimey does it hurt sometimes
bloody ouch
it stiffens up and it spreads
so walking turning anything becomes an
so performing becomes an ouch
and sometimes it lasts a week
and jonno katz
just a got a great review for cactus from the scotsman
from kate copstick
who i kinda used to know
and is also a tv producer who once put me on tv
very nice review

1 comment:

  1. I'm doing ok Jem. Married, two kids and just compeated 25 years at BA!!!!
    When are you conming to Manchester?