Thursday, 27 May 2010

angus calder

i just found out Angus Calder died two years ago
at 66
the writer critic poet academic
he wrote
Gods, Mongrels and Demons: 101 Brief but Essential Lives.
which every twenty year old should read
and a load of other books
old style writer thinker poet
i liked angus alot
though i'm not sure he liked me much
legendary drinker
to me as much as posh Englishman of the kind i went to college with
as a through and through thorough Scot
very smart guy
one of the smartest
and super funny
sober and hammered
i remember bumping into on the West Port at lunchtime and him being a tad hammered already
and saying to him
not knowing then he was a legendary boozer
isn't it a bit early to be plastered?
and him replying
yes jem, that might be true but its a bit indecent of you to say so
are you laughing?
I am
just a guy, doing his best to think
and doing pretty damn well
just a guy, in the pub, having a drink
cos he's done his work
and what the hell

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