Wednesday, 26 May 2010

robinson source

First show in eight hours

Not nervous but

Never have my nails

And the skin around them

Been so bitten

… now I need to try and sleep

The waves at the sea wall

Like feveredly jostling crowds in a riot

In January of 2009

I remember walking along the waterfront in copenhagen and looking at the cheap ugly buildings,

in a city which is not given to the cheap and ugly,

and thinking

This city does not expect a great future

This city is not building for a great future

This city is building for a future of mere getting by



The next day, fortunately, Priscilla decided she wanted too leave

And I resumed the peripatetic wander, no longer alone



Am watching the movie Robinson In Space

Patrick Keiller’s sequel to his excellent London

One of my favourite films ever

A wholly unique film and a film which has, uniquely perhaps,

had a great impact on the world of books

And was the progenitor of all the Iain Sinclair/ Lights Out For The Territory/ psychogeography stuff

Francis, who has just left for a publishing junket in Bulgaria

Was bought it by his girlfriend Hannah

Who is very young to be the head of the

Edinburgh International Film Festival

[got job at 29]

So I exclaimed wow

You’ve got a girlfriend who buys you London for your birthday

Wow, I’m impressed

… so that means Hannah is a cineaste

A word I only ever used for the first time

8 days ago

And now I’m meeting one


The film has an image of the large-membered hill-drawing at Cerne Abbas

The very large-membered man drawn in Chalk on the grass hill

And in the photo the well-trodden path around the member looks like a sheath, a condom



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