Thursday, 27 May 2010


10 mile stroll to Cramond, north to the river then west along the firth
then Cleo From 5 To 7, at the Filmhouse
French new wave movie, and very good indeed
would watch it again right now if i could
and when i came out of the cinema it had just rained heavily
though obviously briefly seeing some of the tarmac was steaming
a long walk to get rid of the near inevitable hangover after the demiere of the show last night
if i can invent the word demiere
premiere would be too ambitious a word
but yes, after months of preparation i finally did the show
and it was... ok
will have to get much better, and it will
and i made a few fluffs
too many fluffs
but it did work
was funnier than i thought it would be
[rehearsing always makes you forget which bits are meant to be funny because there's no-one there to laugh]
and the audience were pretty nice to me
though a scotsman journalist was in and i hope there's no review as i was semi-pro at best
and i got some good feedback from mates as the evening
slid into the Brass Monkey
and then Pivo
the Czech bar i would so often blunder into on my late way home back to Leith Walk
and woke to not feel quite so special...

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