Saturday, 22 May 2010

Typical history

Perfectly exampled by those
Tossy Welsh princes in the
13th Century
Who arrogated themselves to try and push out the English
And so, after their defeat
Brought nemesis
Upon their own people
In the form of harsh English rule and taxes and confiscation

If they had not tried to exert their power to the full
And beyond
And of course lost to a much wealthier power
Then English feudalism might never have extended to them
At least it might have taken a few extra centuries

But no
And Dafydd ap Gruffud
Had too arrogate themselves
Had to want it all
And more…
And with each uprising’s defeats’s retreat came the English
Following the trail to create their fiefs and castles
Taking more neach timer
Securing themselves more each time
And those Prince’s fellow Welshmen
Suffered for centuries as a
Consequence of their
Near inevitable defeat

And some would say
They are suffering still

The lesson?
Don’t fight battles you can’t win?
Let sleeping giants lie?
Don’t wave red rags at John Bull?

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