Monday, 10 May 2010

money is an alien attack virus...

the blossom out in force
ahhh the greens of English sping
the number of greens growing with every passing week
the heathland under the blue white and grey
the same heathland i used to play in at 8 9 10 11...
squaddyland... because sandhurst army college is so close
a few square miles of straw and heather and ferns and conifers... of woods in part cut down for the army to exercise in... clumpy meadows... and muddy streamsides... and pylons ... and stretches of rhododendron... and ferns now uncoiling as they stretch up into summer
and land which, seeing how much has been built on in the South East,
owlsmoor over the other side was tiny 30 years ago but now has estate after estate
[i think... but why go to properly find out?]...
land which would not still be there if it wasn't for those squaddies, all so keen to daub their faces with charcoal and crawl around the undergrowth firing blanks at each other...

here come the ferns
which makes me think of laurie anderson
which makes me think of the line
language is a virus from outer space
which makes me think
is language a life force?
an unstoppable ever-evolving lifeforce?
to what extent do words and ideas have life-forces of their own?
songs do
myths do
jingles do
... the docomo adverts in India now are a virus runing in and out of millions of heads

words do
ideas do... [good ones and bad]
and i've always wondered what value there is in considering money to be a life force
is money an alien attack virus?
yes, i've always wanted to write an essay on
the biology of money
and i've always wondered what value there is in considering
traffic jams to be a life force
so yes,
and money and traffic jams
might need us
and there's plenty of things we biologically need
but to what extent does language have a life of its own
and would treating language in this fashion
from this angle
be the most fruitful take?

would it?

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