Friday, 28 May 2010

first press

rocking review

great review
scotsman, today

“Breathlessly mesmeric and exhilarating performance"

yeehah, all i neeed

especially for a quarter-assed fumble-fluff demiere... but sometimes journalists generously look through what a show is now to see what it will be... and i guess he did that

am still hanging out in francis's front room while he jollies around the Black Sea Coast and i had all these plans to get stuff done, and get down to writing, but the review cheered me up so much i forgot to do anything except drink more coffee and walk around even faster and so went off to meet my old-mate Gordon... ex-communist ex-physicist ex-new-labour ex-MSP-to-be ex-banker and now SNP computer whizzkid, dad, owner of 9 room posthouse in Linlithgow High St, and starter of his own HiTec start-up... and so, once again, having to work his absolute socks off



two more nights here before the west of scotland beckons... shows in cumnock and glasgow... have to rehearse stuff not done for two years...

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